Life at Blogger

June 1, 2011

Well, I’ve been “testing” Blogger for a while.  I’ve even changed my e-mail so Blogger will not hate me as it has traditionally. I must admit, it beats WordPress by a million. So, there I am. Or, rather here I am. Come by and visit to read more of the same. :)


Life at The Cube

October 22, 2010

We drove down to Santa Ana on Wednesday to check out the bug exhibit at The Discovery Science Center, aka. The Cube.  It ended up being a perfect day to go.  I guess the threat of rain kept most folks off the freeway and it took us only 25 minutes to get there.  It also kept most folks away from the museum so we got to do much more than we normally can in one visit, namely everything.

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Life on the Last September Day in 2010

September 30, 2010

Note: These were all taken on my iPhone so no special lighting or techniques were used to acheive the coloration.

Protected: You can’t go home again

July 28, 2006

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