Life in Video

November 5, 2010

So, tonight, DB3 started Nutcracker rehearsals.  It’s been strange not to have DB1 already rehearsing.  But, overall, it’s been nice.  We’ve been able to do a few things on Saturday that we don’t normally get to do this time of year, yet most of our Saturdays have been just as full as they usually are.  I guess you just never get any rest with 5 kids? :-)

Here’s a video DB2 took of #3 a few months ago. From what I saw, he acted much better at the rehearsal.


Life (and God’s Providence) with Ambleside Online

September 23, 2010

Let me tell you a really weird tale.  Well, weird if you don’t see Providence everywhere you look. ;-)

For years, and I really do mean years, people told me about Ambleside Online.  For years, I can’t really explain why, I resisted.  Finally, while waiting for #5 to arrive, I did some serious research into it (you can only play Facebook games so long before insomnia becomes boring).  I decided we’d give it a try last year and, well, to say weird stuff’s been happening would be the truth.

First, there were the peculiar incidences involving all the Shakespeare plays we were supposed to read for the year~~DB1 had performed in one of the plays, the kids’ ballet academy was to perform one, and the other just happened to be performed by the Met and broadcast in HD here to Ontario, so I took DB1 to see his first opera.  Then, this year, it has started again.  Julius Caesar was to be our first play.  In July, while we were at the CHEA Conference in Pasadena, we happened upon Shakespeare by the Sea.  We couldn’t stay for that performance, but they were performing…you guessed it…Julius Caesar the following month, so we attended.

There have been so many little things like this throughout the year, as if God was really trying to show me, “Yes, this is what I want you to do.”  So, it shouldn’t have been a surprise when, the night we started reading Pilgrim’s Progress (on this terms reading list at AO) I should be sent this on Facebook.

As for the kids: DB1, and really, all the kids, have responded so well to this schooling.  So well, in fact, that this is the first year I didn’t ask myself at the beginning of the year, “Why do I do this? And is it really worth it?”  DB1, who hates to read, was reading Shakespeare.  DB2, who struggles along–due to perfectionistic tendencies–is now reading the KJV (recommended by AO for language acquisition).  DB3, well, he just loves it, I think, because there’s so much reading involved, and that, of course, means so much snuggling on the couch. :-)