Life on Halloween (and for a few days before)

November 2, 2010

A day of first’s and last’s.  DB4’s first time trick-or-treating (I don’t send babies out to get candy for me) & DB1’s last time.  I know, last year should have been his last time, but he’s in 7th grade so I let it slide.  Next year he gets to stay home with DB5 & me and hand out candy to kids (while I hand out raisins to big kids & adults).

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Life on All Saints Day (or Thereabout)

October 23, 2010

We’re not Catholic, but when a friend at ballet invited us to her Catholic homeschool group’s All Saints Day picnic I was happy to go.  As I shared on FB, just to be able to go some place new & meet new people without being innundated with rude comments about the size of our family was extremely appealing.

On Thursday we did a mini-study on All Saints Day since, of course, the kids know nothing about it.  That night I was talking to some people at ballet about the party & one of the women brought us a box of costumes since, of course, we have none.  I used the costume pieces that I thought could be washed in a machine, cuz with my luck…lol. 

DB2 used the borrowed costume.  DB3 used part of a costume for his shoulder wrap.  It was supposed to be on his head, but I forgot that piece of twine.  I bought a large white t-shirt for DB3’s costume.  Twine for the belts on both.  DB4 is wearing a shirt of his dad’s, inside out, sans twine, cuz I forgot that piece too.

Life in Pictures–pt. 1

September 27, 2010

Our life for the week…

Life without a pantry…

Life without ceiling paper…

Life with a 3yo who thinks he’s a dog, and, therefore, needs a leash…

Life waiting at your older brother’s violin lesson…(yes, it’s that exciting).

Life with birthdays…

Life in Lego…

Shopping life…for play…

For real…well, kinda…

Protected: Valentine’s Day 2007

February 15, 2007

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Protected: Happy Homecoming Anniversary, DB2

February 18, 2006

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