Life at The Living Desert

On Wednesday we piled the Monster Van full of people (2 adults & 8 kids, to be exact) and drove off to The Living Desert

Hard to see all of them here as two are rear facing and one is blocked by another carseat.

We stopped by the Garden Railroad and saw the new Mt. Rushmore display.  It’s so realistic, I never have to go to South Dakota.  Well, that’s the excuse I’m gonna use.

We saw the zebras.

Rode wild boars.

Looked at the giraffes.

Found the hidden ostriches.

Banged on the drums.

Learned just how serious animal rights activists are about their cause.  (ie leave people in poverty & squalor for the sake of the preservation of an animal)

  And caught a cheetah.  Don’t worry, we released it.


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